BEE: Building, Education, Empowerment

BEE: Building, Education, Empowerment

BEE: Building, Education, Empowerment

Building, as a social process.

Education, about architecture and about society.

Empowerment, as key for self-sustained development.


BEE - Building, Education, Empowerment is a particular conception for teaching and sustainable development in the emerging countries. It has the aim of promoting the functional and social responsibility of the universities with regard to sustainable development through practice-oriented students’ projects implemented in the poor countries. The focus is the cooperation with the local community for improving the conditions of buildings and city problems.

BEE coordinates, organizes and promotes the cooperation between different partners, the procurement of external financing, the contact between diverse institutions and universities within the development cooperation. 

The association is the contact point for all information, provides its distribution and at the same time is responsible for the implementation of all activities. BEE will keep working on the optimization of the logistical structure of this international cooperation. Furthermore it will strengthen the collaboration between multidisciplinary topics and institutions. 

Long-term aim is creating an international network for implementation of practice-oriented studies and projects. Establishing relations between universities, institutions and non-governmental organizations, BEE will optimize their collaboration, potential and synergies.

Picture copy right: KSF College (School for Girls in Sri Lanka)

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