Barão Geraldo, Campinas, São Paulo, Brazil

in cooperation with Kalinde Braga & Sport Mall

Based on the „self-cultivation“ principle, CULTIVAR-SE connects arts, sports and recreation in the same place. Needy children from the community of Barão Geraldo are invited to enjoy different cultural and sportive activities.

Bringing together a group of different professionals, we were able to create a mixed team and offer a variety of multidisciplinary activities.

The aim is to give the children the chance to experience culture, sports, discipline and fun as part of education and integration in the society.

To make CULTIVAR-SE comes true we had to count on the synergy of cooperation between different partners. The biggest challenge was to put all of them and their interests together, and to start the program with a limited budget and in a short period of time.

After few weeks the concept was defined, so we could look for sponsors and review the logistic and details for the implementation. During the winter school break on 2013 we had one first week as „trial period“, and our team learned a lot from that. Since than - based specially on our learnt lessons - we have been improving the program and looking for new sponsors.